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I feel that the addition of a 30 second, 60 second and a 90 second fast-forward button to my DVR’s remote would change my life. I am so sick of watching commercials that are 20 dB louder than the show that I had been watching previously. With this improvement I could literally ‘zap’ all unsolicited marketing (~99.9%).

Check out my weak rendition:



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I predict that the price of a barrel of oil will dip as low and $29 by Q2 of 2009 (currently sitting between $38 and $45).  Not only are supplies fairly high right now but everything we read tell us that demand is going lower and lower.  The recession causing us to use less oil but also the annoyance of paying $147 a barrel last summer is making us conscious of our consumption.

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I recently stumbled upon a list of necessities when making a winter survival kit.  This one included a flashlight, a first aid kit, a shovel, a knife, and waterproof matches.  Everything on this list is bang on except for one thing….the matches.  Who in their right mind would take waterproof matches over a Bic lighter?  A Bic lighter is good for over 3,000 lights.   Besides…the ‘waterproof’ part of the match does not mean that they can be lit while they are wet.  It means that they will light after becoming wet but not before being thoroughly dried.  A regular match is ruined once it has become damp and will never light again.  A Bic works forever.

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