3 years later

It has been 3 years since my last post but I am going to try to start this blog up again.  Stay tuned!


Shed has been wired

Dawn and I went to Ottawa to visit Joleen and I came back to find out that Joe has taken it upon himself to wire my shed. Not exactly how I was planning to do it but it will do the trick for now and I’ll tweak it this winter.

Why? – Part 2

Why isn’t there a desktop client for Blackberry Messenger? Who wants to be sitting at their PC and having to hold their Blackberry to reply to the ever increasing amount of instant messages coming through the BBM client? We should be able to log onto a BBM desktop application the same way we can with most of the legacy IM apps like yahoo Messenger, MSN and Skype. Am I alone here?


Why do I still own a TV that does not integrate a modem, a laptop and Blu-ray player into one device? Why ins’t my TV a computer monitor? Why don’t I have my TV connected to my Blackberry and some type of Bluetooth keyboard peripheral?

My brother-in-law streams and records all his TV off the Internet for free.  He has a 1TB hard drive in the basement that holds everything. The interface is awesome but resolution is sub-par (kinda like DVD).  But overal…..unfreaking believable.

A kick ass tune from Pearl Jam’s upcoming (yet to be named) album being released in the Fall of 2009.


Best invention ever?

Unlimited clean and free energy forever…..